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Brain Toot app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 6736 ratings )
Games Education Educational Puzzle
Developer: Craft Edge
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.008, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 21 Aug 2008
App size: 4.99 Mb

Exercise helps keep the body healthy and fit, and your brain works in a similar manner. As you get older, you lose muscle mass, and your brain function begins to decrease as well. "Brain Toot" is a brain game that will give you a simple and fun way to help challenge and stimulate your brain.

"Brain Toot" includes 16 brain training games to give you a mental exercise to test your memory, math, visual and thinking skills.

In just a few minutes, you can have a daily brain age exercise.

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Pros and cons of Brain Toot app for iPhone and iPad

Brain Toot app good for

If you ever played Brain Age or Big Brain Academy for any of the Nintendo systems youll have a blast here. Controls are smooth and the games are very challenging but short enough not to become frustrating. At $0.99 this is an absolute steal - the free version could sell for more!
More graphically pleasing without the endless repetitive explanations of Nintendo DSs Brain Age - much more reasonably priced as well. Comprehensive - I can see deleting other similar apps that only have one game. Congratulations on a well produced endeavour.
But still has room for improvement. On the memory games, needs a tap to continue so you can review where you went wrong... More stats showing time per question type.... A way to challenge friends online and track stats... Some suggestions... But for.99, its awesome, a definate buy,
One of the best apps out there. I had the free version at first and couldnt wait for this one to come out. Totally with it....just get it!
Works like a dream and these "games" are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to keeping your mind sharp.
Brain root constantly keeps you on your feet. Well worth the $

Some bad moments

I love this but i come from canada and the money change games are hard for i wish it was either possible to go in options and select a diferent kind of curency or to simply be able to remove a add games that apear like turning off or on diferent games so that any games whit american curency not that dislike its just not easy to play cashier whit i have never used
At 99 cents, you get what you pay for. I dont judge quickly, I like to go through everything in the game first, and this one has as many ups as downs. Its plainly a half baked game. Every game within needs better layout and whole thing can use a more user intuitive interface. Plus the programming needs a big touch of help. Dont think this set of brain games has helped me tune my brain more than waste my time.
As a non American who had found the free version extremely fun, I decide to buy the game but to my dismay the extended games include the use of American currency for calculation. I am totally unfamiliar with the coins etc and find it difficult to decipher. Wish they had used numbers instead and not use US coins as part of the game.
Wouldt recommend. Never sync on-line, doesnt have to many games, doesnt really count your brain power. But foe this price I guess thats what we should expect right!
It is very difficult to navigate through. For instance, in Quick Play you cant check the high scores after you play a game. You have to go out of the game and back to Categories just to see how well you did. Absolutely ridiculous! Also, there is no way to end a game when you are in the middle of it except by exiting the whole game by pressing the home button. The designers dont seem to want you to keep playing their game! Keep looking.